Pregnancy Care

The combined antenatal care programme allows you to be under joint care of your GP and obstetrician during pregnancy. This is internationally recognised as the best and most convenient form of ante-natal care. Visits to Buncrana Medical Centre that are related to the pregnancy are free of charge once the HSE application form is completed in the practice. Ideally you should visit one of our doctors as soon as you discover you are pregnant. We will then refer you to your local maternity hospital where you will be seen before 20 weeks for assessment, blood tests and a scan. Subsequently your visits will alternate between the hospital and GP and become more frequent as your pregnancy progresses. We hold our ante-natal clinic here every Wednesday morning between 9am – 12pm with Dr Ciara Steele, Dr Maria Bradley and a our nurse who is also fully trained in widwifery.

Combined ante-natal care also includes visits to your GP at 6 weeks after the baby is born.