• April Newsletter

    April Newsletter

    Welcome to the April 2015 Newsletter.   We are delighted to have hosted AAA screening in Buncrana Medical Centre on the 29th of January. AAA rupture is often a fatal event, regardless of age; elective repair is a life-saving and cost effective treatment. But aneurysms have to be detected before rupture in both men and

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  • Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

    Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

    EUROPEAN CERVICAL CANCER PREVENTION WEEK.   Sunday 25th of January – Saturday 31st of January.   Please contact Michelle, Buncrana Medical Centre on 074 93 63611 to arrange an appointment   Don’t put off having a Smear Test   It’s important to have regular smear tests from the age 25 to 60   It only

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  • Muff & Fahan Surgery Changes

    Muff & Fahan Surgery Changes

    Buncrana Medical Centre are pleased to annouce that Dr. Aidan Roarty will be taking over the Muff and Fahan Surgery’s from Dr. Owen Huxham.   From February 1st 2015 Fahan Surgery will be held on Tuesday morning.   Muff Surgery will continue on Wednesday’s, However at the earlier time of 9:30 a.m.   If these

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  • Cervical Checks at Buncrana Medical Centre

    Cervical Checks at Buncrana Medical Centre

    Free smear tests for women aged 25 to 60.   Cervical Check’s aim is to find changes in the cervix before they become cancerous.   Results take just 4 weeks.   Most smear tests are normal.   To arrange your free cervical smear test, please contact us here at The Medical Centre on 074 93

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