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    Welcome to the August Newsletter




    We have installed an automatic check in system which is really simple and easy to use. It is located in the entrance hall and saves you time and avoids queuing.
    It is a touch screen there are 3 easy steps

    Simply Choose:

    • who your appointment is with
    • choose your month of birth
    • choose the date of your birth
    • confirm this is you
    • THAT’S IT
    • then take a seat


    We have lots of positive feedback about our new calling system so many thanks for your comments.

    We have all been enjoying the sunshine; please refer to our website Buncrana Medical Centre for our features on water safety and sun safety.

    We had fun during The Feel Good Fortnight which was a tremendous success once again and we had ice-cream and face-painting at the Saturday surgery.

    We really enjoyed our series of information evenings last year and we hope to start the series in September featuring MENS Health.


    Prostate disease testicular disease and low testosterone are specific conditions to men, but heart disease and colon disease are often diagnosed later in men as in general men have fewer frequencies of health checks.

    If you have urinary symptoms such as going very frequently, incontinence, poor stream having the urge to urinate but then having to push to urinate (hesitancy) then come and see your doctor for a check up. See your doctor urgently if you notice blood in your urine.

    The chart below shows an easy scoring system to assess the severity of urinary symptoms as in all cases if unsure check with your Doctor who will be happy to help.

    However it is important to invest in your total health.

    Take this easy quiz to check what you know about check ups!

    Answers at end of Quiz

    1.)At what age should you get your cholesterol checked?

    • A: 55
    • B: 35
    • C: 65
    • D: 50


    2.)How often should you get your blood pressure checked?

    • A: Every Month
    • B: Every 5 years
    • C: Every year
    • D: Every 10 years


    3.)What age should you be screened for colorectal cancer?

    • A: 40
    • B: 60
    • C: 70
    • D: 55


    4.)If you have high blood pressure or cholesterol which other disease should you be screened for?

    • A: Gout
    • B: Hepatitis
    • C: Headaches
    • D: Diabetes


    5.)The most important things you can do to stay healthy are..?

    • A: Don’t smoke
    • B: Exercise 30mins per day, eat 5 a day stay a healthy weight, only consume alcohol in moderation.
    • C: Get recommended screening tests
    • D: All of the above


    6.)Signs of depression include..?

    • A: Feeling down sad or hopeless
    • B: A, C and D
    • C: Not taking pleasure in things that you used to enjoy
    • D: Lack of motivation


    7.)How many minutes of exercise a day can help to keep you healthy?

    • A: 20 mins
    • B: 75 mins
    • C: 30mins
    • D: 45 mins


    Answers to Quiz

    1.)Answer B Over 35. However if you are younger than 35 and have diabetes high blood pressure obesity or smoke talk to your doctor about whether you need a cholesterol check

    2.)Answer C: it is recommended to have your blood pressure checked once a year BP 140/90 or over is high blood pressure, lifestyle changes =/- medication may be indicated to prevent onset of kidney or heart disease.

    3.)Answer D: 55 screening is indicated in the 55 to 74 year old population and the first phase of bowel screen is issuing a FIT test in the post to those aged 60-69, with the expected rollout of the test to age 55 in 2015.
    If there is a history of bowel cancer in your family or in family member under the age of 50 talk to your doctor, if you have any change in bowel habit fro 6 weeks or more or if you notice blood in your bowel motion see your doctor urgently

    4.)Answer D: Diabetes.

    5.)Answer D: all of the above.

    6.)Answer B: your mental health is as important as your physical health alcohol can be a depressant if you have any of the above feelings avoid alcohol and reassess, see your doctor urgently if you are having any suicidal thoughts.

    7.)Answer C: 30mins all exercise is helpful, 30 minutes of moderate exercise has been shown to improve health and reduce mortality but even 10mins of high intensity exercise can have dramatic health effects e.g. reducing insulin resistance.
    Before embarking on high intensity exercise programme check with your Doctor.



    Those aged over 65 are recommended to receive the chicken pox vaccine this is not covered by the GMS (medical card) It is available to order, the vaccine costs € 175 and €30 to administer. Contact Nurse Helen or Catherine for further information.



    Please note our new Pricing Schedule. With regret we are compelled to charge for items that are not covered by the GMS or Medical Card Scheme (e.g. Venesection) but that Buncrana Medical Centre have been providing free of charge to date, some of these services had been subsidised by payments for other things such as distance code for house visits but due to HSE cutbacks these fees have been completely cut.



    ….Safety Note Loom bands …
    Please ensure loom bands are removed from all small children before putting them to bed as there have been some serious accidents where bracelets that are too tight have cut off circulation to fingers or hands.



    Daffodil Centre
    Also did you know that the Daffodil Centre recently opened in Letterkenny General Hospital? This is a free and confidential drop in centre for anyone concerned about or affected by Cancer funded by the Irish Cancer Society.
    Opening Hours are: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and they are situated next to the short stay ward on floor B of the Hospital.



    Have a Happy Healthy August from all at the Buncrana Medical Centre.



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