• 3rd of May is WORLD ASTHMA DAY!

    3rd of May is WORLD ASTHMA DAY!

    Tuesday the 3rd of May is WORLD ASTHMA DAY!
    We have teamed up with the ASTHMA SOCIETY OF IRELAND and joined in on their National Bubble Day.
    We will have a stand with information available on Tuesday and a bucket where donations can be made for the ASTHMA SOCIETY.

    Helen Asthma
    Ireland has the 4th highest prevalence of Asthma in the world.

    More than 1 person a week dies from Asthma, more than 5,000 admissions to hospital and 20,000 Asthma related emergency department attendances annually.

    Asthma cause reversible airway obstruction. But can be well controlled with the proper management and appropriate treatment.

    Our Nurse Helen Mc Laughlin (See Picture) in trained in Asthma Care and provides appointments through bookings here at the Buncrana Medical Centre.

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